Circular Vibrating Screen

Screen Area:6㎡


Circular vibrating screen has been widely used in mine, construction, transportation, energy and chemical industries. We supply a wide range of vibrating screens suitable for various screening applications. Vibrating Screens are used to separate materials into various sizes for further processing in Crusher. It is applicable for wide range of operations like screening of dry or wet sand gravel crushed stone, mineral ores and industrial applications.

Best selling multi deck Circular Vibrating Screen

Working principle

Motor through V-belt makes vibrator eccentric block to rotate at a high speed. Rotary eccentric block produces big centrifugal force, stimulates screen box to make round motion at some amplitude, materials on the inclined sifter receive impulse from the screen box and produce continuous casting movement, in the process of touching between materials and sifter granules that is less than sieve pore is through sieve and realizes grading.


1. It uses eccentric block to produce strong exciting force.
2. structure simple and easy change of screen plates.
3. High screening capacity.
4. It adopts the structure of small amplitude, high frequency, large obliquity to achieve high        efficiency, large handling capacity, long life span, low consumption, little noise.
5. High durability.

Technical Data