Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Type:Cone Crusher
Power(W):45-100 kW
Capacity(t/h):90 tph
Motor:Electric Motor
Crushing Cavity:Over-coarse | Coarse | Medium | Fine | Over-fine Crushing
Applicable materials:Riverstones, Granite, Balsalt, Minerals, etc


Due to the adoption of good crushing frequency and eccentric distance, the content of fine particle materials in the crushed materials is higher, and the content of the materials smaller than the discharging mouth can reach 80%, thus significantly improving the processing ability of the following equipment and reducing the comprehensive energy consumption.


1. The perfect combination of high performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency.

2. It adopts hydraulic operation, so that the use is convenient and easy to realize automation and its reliability and service life is greatly improved.

3. It is simple in structure, convenient and fast in operation, maintenance and adjustment of the discharging mouth.

4. This machine has reliable performance and convenient operation.

Working Principle

When cone crusher begins to work, the electro motor drives the eccentric sleeve through the spring coupling, drive shaft and a pair of angle gear, so that the crushing wall of cone crusher gets close to and then gets away from the surface of the rolling mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, and the ores inside the crushing chamber will be constantly impacted, squeezed and bent to be crushed.

Technical data