Sand Production line

When the material’s hardness is not more than 150Mpa, in order to save costs for customers, improving work efficiency, generally using a molding equipment.Main equipment: Feeder – efficient compound crusher (iecombo-stage crushing crusher can be put bulk material through a unique design to achieve the desired particle size, typically hammer crusher) – shaker – finished stones,  belt conveyor transport materials.Generally the materials are quartz and limestone. Sand production line production process is basically the same, the main equipment: vibrating feeder – jaw crusher (usually PE jaw crusher coarse broken, then fine PEX jaw crusher broken stone hardness is lower, you can omit the coarse broken) – sand (typically impact, and can also be used instead of roll crusher) – vibrating Screen – sand washing machine – – finished sand, separated by a belt conveyor transport materials. Basic process of stone production line introduced first stone from the feeder evenly sent an initial coarse crusher broken, then producing into a coarse material transported by belt conveyor to two crusher (crusher, hammer broken) for further crushing, crushing stone into the shaker after screening out the stones of different sizes, to meet the size requirements of stones taken from the finished product conveyor belt stockpiles; And does not meet the size requirements of the stone material from the belt conveyor back to the impact crusher broken again form a closed loop several times. Finished size can be combined according to the needs of users and grading, for the protection of the environment,it can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.