Single Rotor Hammer Crusher

Single Rotor Hammer Crusher

Motor Type:AC Motor
Power(W):220 kW
Capacity(t/h):400 TPH
Capacity:280-400 TPH
Max feeding size:700 mm
Spare parts supply:Lifelong Time


1.Capacity increased by 5-10% and up to 2500 tph, China largest scale single stage hammer crusher;

2.The new hammer rotor consists of heavy, forged, square cross-section shaft fitted with cast steel rotor discs. The special “sandwich” assembly of the discs is a robust construction, preventing distortion and crack formation.

Another feature that reduces downtime and makes servicing of the crusher safer is the hydraulic opening of the crusher housing. Installing two hydraulic cylinders, appertaining brackets and a set of hinges enables the crusher to be opened within 5 – 10 minutes.

A hollow hydraulic cylinder placed in a rigid frame is provided to handle the hammer bolts when turning or changing hammers. Mobile hydraulic power unit supplies the hydraulic pressure to operate the cylinder.

The outlet grate assembly is equipped with sturdy, replaceable grate bars supported by heavy cheeks. The position of the outlet grate assembly can be adjusted in order to control the crushed product. This takes place hydraulically from outside the crusher casing.

Working Principle

The new type single-rotor hammer crusher achieves the crushing effect through three main ways: the hammers striking the ore blocks, the ore blocks impacting the lining plates and the collision between ore blocks. The raw material is transported to the crusher by the feeding machine. During the feeding process, some ore blocks, bigger than the allowed maximum feeding size, are kept out by the protective bars beyond the rotor. The electric motor drives the rotor, on which the hammers hang in staggered form. While the rotor rotates, the hanging hammers will stretch outward under the action of centrifugal force. Then the hammers hit the big ore blocks on the protective bars. The big ore blocks are crushed into small and impacted onto the T shape impact plates. Meanwhile, there is a massive of collision between the ore blocks. The above processes are continuous in the crusher chamber until the ore blocks are crushed into less than the gap of grate plate and fall out of the crusher.

Technical Data

Model Applicable materials Capacity (t/h) Feeding size
Rotating speed
Less than 30mm Less than 70m
HYPCD1416 For the materials whose compressive strength≤300MPa 200 280 ≤600 500 200-4
HYPCD1616 280 400 ≤700 420 220-4
HYPCD1620 380 530 ≤700 420 250-4
HYPCD1820 500 700 ≤700 350 355-6
HYPCD2022 600 860 ≤1000 350 500-6
HYPCD2024 800 1100 ≤1100 350 630-6
HYPCD2026 1000 1400 ≤1100 350 710-6
HYPCD2426 1500 2100 ≤1100 300 900-6
HYPCD2626 2500 3500 ≤1100 280 1250-6
HYPCD2630 3000 4200 ≤1100 280 1400-6
HYPCD2830 3500 4900 ≤1100 280 800*2
HYPCD3032 4000 5600 ≤1100 280 900*2